This is my PawPaw Ceburn (my paternal grandfather). PawPaw passed away on my birthday in 2004. My Mom & my aunt asked me to write a poem to go in the funeral program. Believe me when I tell you that this was one of the hardest things I've ever written. Usually, when I write a poem in memory of someone, it's weeks, months, sometimes a year after they pass. With this one, though, it had to be done the next day. I finished it on time, and I was pleased with the result.


Today I thought of yesterday,
the laughter, joy and tears.
I thought about the times we've shared
and treasured through the years.

Life is unpredictable.
Some things we'll never know,
like when we'll laugh, love or smile,
or when we'll have to go.

And though things are uncertain
and life seems so unfair. . .
I thank you now for the memories.
Thanks for being there.

I know I'll always miss you,
from this day until the end.
I'm thankful that I knew you,
that I could call you friend.

Now, when I think of yesterday,
a day that's lost and gone,
although I'm hurting deep inside,
I'll do my best to carry on.

Copyright ©2008 Crystal DeAnn Freeman

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  1. A beautiful poem you've written for your Pawpaw.

    Stopping by from SITs to say welcome and hello :)


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