Mom’s Shotgun House

I love old, vintage things. {I wear vintage hats to church. I have a few vintage purses I carry to church on occasion. I have a large collection of old handkerchiefs. Old black & white movies are my favorite.} Antiques are wonderful! I guess I take after my Mom. She has so many antiques that she’s collected over time. Some belonged to her Grandmother and others in her family. Some are just things that picked up at antique shops and flea markets. She’s collected so many antiques that she began running out of places to keep/store them.

So, she talked my Dad into building her a “shotgun house” to put them all in. For those who may not know, a shotgun house is a small, rectangular house with a door at each end. The inside usually consists of 3-5 rooms with no hallways; the rooms are connected. I’ve always heard them say it’s called a shotgun house because you can stand at the front door or the back door and shoot a shotgun straight through the house without hitting anything. To read more about shotgun houses, go here.

Mom’s shotgun house has a front porch, a back porch and 3 rooms (living room, bedroom & kitchen). There’s electricity, but no running water (yet). I could honestly live in it if only it had more modern appliances and bathroom accommodations. In the next month or so, Mom is planning to have a tea party at her shotgun house for the younger girls from our church. I think it will make for an interesting time and even more interesting pictures. Imagine…little girls & antiques, young & old, new & vintage. What a pairing!

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