Enduring & Appreciating

Don't you just love it when the day starts out like the left side of this picture, then midway through it starts looking like the right side of picture?

Today has been one of those days. This morning the sun was nowhere in sight. It was cloudy and windy. The wind was blowing so hard, I thought a tree was about to fall on my car! That was this morning...now, it is the most gorgeous day! The sun is shining, and there is not a cloud in the sky. The wind is still blowing, but it's just a light breeze. It's turned into one of those days when you just want to be outside all day long.

That's how life is. All of us has, at some time, faced a storm in life. Some are facing one right now. You know how it is: when it seems like no one cares, you're all alone, you can't do anything right, nothing works in your favor, friends have forsaken you or let you down and you're just too tired to carry on.. You can't see the sunlight because the clouds are dark and dreary.

But, if you hold on long enough, things will get better! It may take some time, but after a while, the clouds will move on and the sun will once again shine bright into your life.

We can't appreciate the sunshine if we've never had a cloudy day.
We will never see the beautiful flowers unless we first endure some rain.

I hope you all are having a beautiful day!

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