The 2nd most awesome picture...ever!
p.s. For some reason I'm loving the word AWESOME today!



The. Most. Awesome. Picture. EVER!!!
Balloons make me happy!

Happy Birthday, Grandaddy!

Today is my Granddaddy's birthday!
He is 91!
I love him so!

p.s. This picture makes me smile!

A Baby Shower for Haven

This is my sweet little niece, Haven.
Haven was born in February.
In January I posted pictures of the cake for Haven's baby shower, but I never posted any others.
So, here they are, 3 months later.....

the proud parents, Carol & Ricky


Personal Library Kit &
a Vintage Typewriter

This was one of the things on the Christmas wish list that Shawn told me to make. I'd had my eye on it for a while, & I was so happy to finally have it! {Check out this company for more fun gifts!}

Now I can play librarian!

It even has a date fun!

I just had to have a typewriter to "write" my book & author names. This one belonged to my Aunt Jo.
I have many fond memories of playing with this typewriter!

I better put my name in this one before I loan it out.....
it is, after all, my favorite book!

{Apparently this company has a sense of humor!}

Get your Personal Library Kit here!

Mom & Dad's Anniversary, 2010

{Dad & Mom}

My favorite colors were used for the cake.
I finally used my new cake plate that I got in December!

{the party table}



I wish the table could always look like this!


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