Taylor Morris

I don't know the names of any star football players. I don't follow celebrity gossip. I don't know who the popular singers are right now, & I don't know any of the hit songs. I don't know the names of any of the contestants on any of the reality competition shows. I can't tell you who last years American Idol was, but I can tell you the name of one American idol.....he's a true American hero.

Taylor Morris.....read his story. Share it with your friends. Be thankful for the men & women in uniform who serve our country proudly. Stories like Taylor Morris' need to be shared; they need to be heard.

So, I'm doing my part!


Recipe for Happiness

This picture sits on my favorite table at my favorite coffee shop.
I read it every time I sit there.
And I try my best to spread happiness everywhere I go!


I don't know why,
but I really LOVE balloons!
I want a helium tank at my house
so I can have balloons everyday.
They make me happy!


I had surgery a week ago today.
I went to the doctor today for a checkup.

While in town, my brother-in-law brought my niece to us! I love this girl!
And she loves my Starbucks! =)

1st: Since last Thursday I've wanted to bake...
I finally did that last night.
2nd: I'd rather stand out than get lost in a crowd.
3rd: Relaxing with Woody & my quilt!

She saw McDonald's, & she got excited!!
She loves "fench fies"!!

Me & Haven