Do One Nice Thing

All the way back in June, 2005, Debbie Tenzer founded after she “started looking for nice things to do every Monday to counter the “Monday Blues”.” Since that time, she and other Nice-o-holics have done so many nice things for many different people around the world.

They have sent school supplies and blankets to U.S. troops; cards, dolls, games & other gifts to seriously ill and hospitalized children; thousands of books to schools, libraries and children’s hospitals; thousands and thousands of food items have been donated to food banks. They have helped needy American families in different ways, and numerous people have registered to become organ donors.

These Nice-o-holics reside in 90 different countries! The things done through D1NT are wonderful examples of the many great things that can be accomplished when people from everywhere are able to set aside their differences and care for others in need.

So, if you would, go check out D1NT, and do something nice for someone. Join the email mailing list, and you will receive an email twice a month with new, stories and ideas. You can also print some D1NT cards to get others you meet along the way involved.

Have FUN spreading niceness everywhere you go!

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