Mini Cupcake Pedestal

I know you've seen this done before.

Take a small plate & a candle holder.

Glue the plate on top of the candle holder...
And you have a unique, one-of-a-kind mini cupcake pedestal!
It's not only unique, but it's cheap, too.
{I got my plate & candle holder at Good Will for 99 cents each!}

Lemon Addiction Therapy

I have a slight lemon addiction! I love lemon cake & lemon cookies, & in the last two days I bought 6 bottles of lemon vanilla lotion, 2 tubes of lemon & pomegranate lip gloss & 1 tube of lemon lip gloss from Bath & Body Works!

I also LOVE Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade from Starbuck {thanks to Ashley Ann}! In fact, every {week}day for the last 2 weeks I have gotten this drink. I have decided that this is pretty much due to the fact that I've stopped drinking Cokes, so I need something to compensate. Also, it's summertime, it's hot, I'm stucking sitting in an office at a desk everyday, so I deserve a treat at the end of the day! Nevertheless, I need help!

p.s. The lemon lip gloss will make you crave lemon
cake from Starbucks {another lemony treat I ♥}!!

Coming Home

A few weeks ago, around Memorial Day, The Pioneer Woman gave out a photography assignment. The subject: Coming Home. This subject came about from the previous subject which was Happiness {many photos of men & women coming home from overseas, which fell under this subject, were submitted}. I know I am not the only one touched by this series of photos. I'm not ashamed to say I was moved to tears on numerous occasions.

I wanted to submit a photo for this assignment. My brother-in-law is in the National Guard, & over a year ago he was in Iraq. I was not there, though, when he came home, so I had not pictures of him "coming home".

Then I remembered the above picture.

Pictured in the above photo is my Grandaddy {far right} & his three brothers, Johnnie, Willie & McKinley. This photo was taken after World War II. My Grandaddy and his three brothers all fought in the war. When they came home, the newspaper did an article about these four young men. They interviewed my great-grandmother and she told how she was blessed because four of her six sons went to war, and all four of her sons came home safe.

I've always loved to hear my Grandaddy & Uncle Johnnie tell stories about old times. I especially love hearing Grandaddy talk about his times stationed on Attu Island. And I'll always cherish this picture of these four brave men. I am forever grateful that they were able to come back home!

Young & Old

I took these pictures a week ago when me, my parents, my sister & my little niece visited my Grandad. I took the pictures because that's what we do when family gets together (especially when we visit Grandad...these moments are the ones we will cherish). When I was looking at them the next day I realized.....

Haven is the youngest member of our family.

And Grandaddy is the oldest member of our family.

I hope that, when Haven gets old enough to understand who the elderly gentleman in these pictures are, she will cherish these pictures with all her heart.

And there's a certain part of me that believes (and desperately hopes) that her young mind will lovingly recall these precious moments of making precious memories!

Chocolate Craving

Since I've started trying new recipes and baking from scratch (almost 2 years ago when my boyfriend got me a Kitchen Aid mixer for Christmas!), I have tried only two brownie recipes. I have felt bad about this because my boyfriend has always loved brownies! For some reason, the two recipes I tried did not turn out good at all! So, I've kept looking, all the while thinking I'll just go ahead and buy some Betty Crocker mix at the grocery store and be done with it.

Then I came across this recipe from My Baking Addiction. The title said they're AMAZING, so I decided to try them. And, guess what?? They are pretty amazing! They didn't last long at all. I think they would be even better (if that's possible) with chocolate frosting on top!!!

Try them.....I'm sure you'll love them!

Love Song :: Just To Be With You

This is my favorite song.....EVER.
It's really a simple song with an awesome message.
It's just a little reminder that Jesus cares for me, that He loves me.
He loves me so much that He wrote a love song for me.
This love song began at Calvary. ♥
That amazes God amazes me...His love amazes me!

By the way: Mac Powell of Third Day...
well, he's pretty amazing, too!

Pencil Eraser Stamp

I love the idea that Ez at Creature Comforts had.
She turned the eraser of a pencil into a mini triangle stamp!
This makes a perfect little pennant banner.
Ez suggests that you make a different stamp
for each color you're going to use.
These markers were my "inks" for my stamps.
I LOVE these colors!
{battery charged blue, radioactive royal & blue lagoon}

Get the pencil eraser stamp tutorial
& printable manila tag freebie here!

Have fun!

National Donut Day

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This is the first Friday of June which means...
today is National Donut Day!

Oh, I'm so craving donuts right now!!!
Must. Get. Some.....soon!!!