Grandaddy's Cake

This is my Grandaddy. His 90th birthday was this past Monday (April 27th).

He had a big party given in his honor last Saturday (April 25th). Apparently, I volunteered to make a cake (though I don't remember doing so). I guess my memory is failing me.

They requested a cake with a garden and something church related, since Grandad is a preacher and he always had a garden. Someone else suggested fishing because he always enjoyed that, too.

In the end, my plan was to do 3 tiers with each tier dedicated to the 3 different themes. Of course, as always, time got away from me, so I narrowed it down to the garden, since I already had the vegetables made, and I was going to put a man in a boat on the top. This is the reason the top of the cake is blue.

I was going to make the man and the boat on the way to Grandad's (which is about 45 minutes from my house). My sister, Anna, held the cake while her husband drove. About 15 minutes down the road, I realize I didn't bring the right amount of fondant to make the boat, so I ended up just making the man. Then I decided to just put the man on the tractor and set the tractor on top.

When we were younger, Grandad had a dog just like this. Her name was Sister, and almost everywhere Grandad went, Sister went, too. The dog is the only thing I did not make myself and the only thing that could not be eaten (well, that and the toothpicks on the vegetable signs).

Someone asked why I put the little red heart on the side.

My answer? Simply because I love my Grandaddy!

I remember Grandad having chickens at some point when I was little. And corn, peas, tomatoes & cucumbers are some of the things I remember him raising in his garden.

You can't see it very well, but the brown square below Happy Birthday! is a Holy Bible, one of the main things that I associate with my Grandad.

I love my Grandad very much, and I hope my cake brought a little bit of joy to his special day!


  1. What a beautiful cake! It is obvious that you have a great deal of love and respect for your grandfather. And what an honor to make the cake for his 90th birthday. And finally....what a blessing that you still have your grandfather!!!
    Oh, one last thing....welcome to SITS!

  2. happy belated birthday to your granddad. the cake is so beautiful, awesome job!

    {i am stopping by from SITS to say hi}

  3. Beautiful cake!!!! I bet he was soooo happy!
    Just stopping by from SITS to say hello! I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday! Now I'm off to spend a little time on your blog:)
    Hugs, Sandy


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