I made this cake Sunday (1.25.09) for my boyfriend's dad, Marshall. He collects '57 Chevrolets. I was going to make a cake in the shape of the car, but I ended up doing something easier instead. I made the Chevy "V" and Happy Birthday "dots" out of fondant. I guess I could've done better, but I was trying to rush. I was upset when I first colored the icing because it was PINK instead of red! And it wasn't turning out like I wanted it to. My sister said, "Well, if it doesn't turn out good you can always put it on Cake Wrecks!" I don't think it's that bad, even if it does, for some reason, remind me of a drive-in movie theater! But, HEY...they had drive-ins in '57 (I think).


This is my favorite picture of one of my favorite people: my niece, McKenzie. McKenzie turned 9 last week, and she wanted Aunt Crystal to make her a Barbie birthday cake. She had her party last Friday night (1.23.09), and this is the cake she got.

She loved it! Especially the fondant pieces. The only pieces she shared were the flowers (I guess because there were so many). She also LOVED my gift, which was homemade. I think they are the best kind. I got this picture just as she was about to twirl in her new tutu. It was real simple to make. I got the tulle tutorial from Design Mom.

I Finally Did It!

I finally decided it was time to start my own blog, instead of just looking at all the others every day. I've gotten many great ideas from the blogs I look at daily, and I hope that soon someone will be able to say that about mine! One can only hope. I love to bake, so you'll be seeing a lot of pictures of the things I make. I love to take pictures, so I will randomly share my favorite pictures. I love to read, so from time to time, I will share a favorite book. I love to write, so you might see a favorite poem.

With me, you never know what I might share...but I will always share a few of my favorite things!