Nie Nie

This woman amazes me! Her strength and her love for God is awesome! Her story reminds me to not take things for granted and to be thankful for the small things. Life is a wonderful thing, filled with beauty & wonder.....we should embrace it everyday, and be thankful for the path that is set before us, for God will be beside us, always, guiding our steps and leading the way!

Mother's Day, 2010

This is the only picture I got of my Mom on Mother's Day.
{reading her card from the church family}

This is Mom's gift from me all wrapped up!

This is the front of the card I made.....

& the little note I wrote inside.

My gift to my Mom
{framed silhouettes of her grandchildren}

Pinwheel Tutorial
Silhouette Tutorial

Caesar Salad

I was home alone Friday night, so I made myself a caesar salad with homemade dressing and garlic croutons using this recipe. YUM!

Just a Thought

Remember.....things won't always be easy, but God will always be there to lead you through!! He'll never give us more than we can handle. So, if you're going through it, God thinks you can handle it! He has faith in you!!! What an awesome thought!!!!!