Panda Cake

Mama's making a panda cake. A panda cake is not like any other cake. It's special. It has has many wonderful ingredients, but before she can make the cake, Mama has to send her two boys shopping. So, she sends them on their way with money, a list and a basket.

Instead of going to the store with Mama's list and money, the the big brother, Willy, decides to take the sunflower seeds, huckleberries, eggs, cherries, apples, roots, honey and bamboo shoots needed to make the cake from the other animals. Then, he sends his little brother home with Mama's basket while he takes her money and goes to the fair.

When the cake is done, Mama invites all of the animals to join her and baby brother for tea and cake. When Willy gets home, after spending all of Mama's money at the fair, there was no cake left for him. All he got were two pieces of leftover bread.

I think there's a moral to be found in this story.

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