Happy Mother's Day

To all you wonderful Mother's out there: Happy Mother's Day!

I wrote a poem this morning for my Mother. I thought I'd share with you.


My Mother’s Love

I’ve always known my Mother’s love.
I’ve known it since I was a little girl.
Through the good times and through the bad;
When I was happy and when I was sad;
When I succeeded and when I fell;
My Mother still loved me, I could always tell.

We laughed and played, she watched me grow.
She taught me many of the things I know.
When I was young I didn’t know much,
but I felt the love in my Mother’s touch.
Now that I’m older I can truly see
how much my Mother really loves me.

She’s always loved me without measure.
My Mother’s love is a genuine treasure.
I may travel the world and gain riches and fame.
Everyone I meet might remember my name.
Yet, if I never travel another mile,
I will always see love in my Mother’s smile.

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