Don't Let Me Miss the Glory

Do you ever find yourself complaining about something then you look around and see someone in a worse condition than you? When I do this, I always try to remember what my Dad always says: "No matter how bad your situation is, you can always look around and see someone who is worse off than you." It kind of like that saying, "I cried because I had no shoes, until I met a man who had no feet."

I'm not really sure what all that has to do with this video, except that many times we take for granted what we have when there are others around us who are without. If you have a minute, watch this video, and listen to the words of this song. This is Gordon Mote. Gordon is an extraordinary musician. When you first listen it may seem as though you're listening to just another piano player. Not so. Gordon was born blind, and he first started playing the piano when he was only 3 years old. Today he is one of the most sought after piano players in Nashville. He has worked with Kenny Chesney, Braid Paisley, Alan Jackson & many others. He also travels with Bill Gaither and the Gaither Homecoming tours. This is a man with a talent that is truly God-given. I'm blessed everytime I hear him.

Gordon & my sister, Anna- 3.7.09

This video will show you what an awesome musician this man is (best part 2:25-3:25). He's not only an excellent piano player, he's a great singer, too.

Watch this video to see how good he really is (he starts playing at 3:14).

Watch this video and this one to see a little bit of his sense of humor.

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