Happy Jack and The Princess

Once upon a time a book was written about a princess. This princess, though beautiful and very priveleged, never laughed. She "just didn't feel like laughing". Her father, the king, brought in clowns, monkeys, court jesters and circus dogs, any funny thing he could think of to get the princess to laugh. When that didn't work, he called in physicians that examined the princess, prescribed medicines, exercise and plenty of rest. The princess "just didn't feel like laughing". So the king sent out a proclamation that whoever could make the princess laugh could marry her and have half of the gold in his kingdom.

After many suitors fail to make the princess laugh, a happy-go-lucky young man called Happy Jack, through a simple thing, is finally able to make the princess laugh!

*I was not able to find a picture anywhere of this book. My copy has ink marks on the front, back and inside. Please ignore these. It was (and still is) a well loved book. The copyright inside mine is 1978.

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