Mike Mulligan & His Steam Shovel

This has always been a favorite of mine. Mike Mulligan has a beautiful red steam shovel named Mary Anne that he is very proud of. Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne, along with others, have dug together for many years. They have dug great canals, paths for trains and roads to go through and holes for the cellars of tall skyscrapers in the cities. When people watch them, Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne always dig faster and better.

Then along come the new gas, electric and diesel shovels that take all the jobs from the steam shovels. Until one day when Mike Mulligan reads about the town of Popperville that is about to build a new town hall. Mike and Mary Anne leave the big cities and goes to the country where they meet the people of Popperville, as well as people from the nearby towns of Bangerville and Bopperville and Kipperville and Kopperville, and one very persistent little boy that encourages Mike Mulligan and Mary Anne to dig the cellar for the new town hall in just one day!


  1. is this an older book? I seem to remember reading about a shovel or something like that when I was younger!

  2. It is an older book. The town of Popperville has a schoolhouse with one teacher. That should tell us about how old it is.


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