Mother's Day

These are some pictures from Mother's Day.
NOTE: None of these pictures are of my Mom.

I got to hold this handsome fellow at church!
I love this little guy!

Don't you just want to kiss those cheeks?

He kept smiling after the picture was taken.

I gave him the rest of his bottle,
but it wasn't enough...

so he decided to try to eat his Mom's hair!

Caleb & Stephanie

The Gray family: Rhonda, Charles, Abigail, CaSandra & Stephanie
This is a sweet group!

Abby, CaSandra, Steph & Caleb

Stephanie, Carol, CaSandra & Me
These girls are like my sisters. Steph & CaSandra, that is. Carol is my sister!

Caleb & McKenzie

I call these 3 "The Little Rascals".
"Spanky", because she's the leader and always in charge.

"Darla", because she's the sweet little girly-girl.

"Porky", because he's the youngest in the bunch.

My sister, Dala, & her girls

Kenzie & Maddy Faye

Me with Maddy & Kenzie

Ian & Ricky giving Carol kisses!

Kenzie, Carol & Maddy

I guess he was in a kiss-giving mood!


Me & Shawn

These last shots are some examples of what happens
when one of the kids gets the camera.

This is Buddy, Dala's husband & Madalyn, McKenzie & Ian's Daddy. Buddy came home Iraq the weekend of Easter. He had been gone for a year. We are SO GLAD to have him home! (I think he was caught offguard.)

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