This is my boyfriend, Shawn.
Shawn is one of my most favorite people!
He likes to fish. A LOT! It's his favorite thing.

I like to go fishing with him, but while he fishes,
I sit in the back of the boat and read (or sleep).
You know those fisherman...
they got to be out there at the crack of dawn!

I guess the fish are early risers, too.

Since Shawn had surprised me with a birthday party last year, I thought I'd return the favor. I had everything planned out. I was going to make him the cutest cake. I had been ordering stuff and planning for weeks. Then, Hurricane Gustav decided to pay us a visit. We were without lights for almost a week. Plans were ruined; time ran out, but we had the party anyway.

You think he's smiling because of the party?

Nah...I think it's 'cause he went fishing earlier that day!

Shawn, Me & Ian

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