Through It All

Danny Thomas, founder of St. Jude Children's Research Hospital, said, "No child should die in the dawn of life." Yet, this unpredictable life brings unpredictable and unwanted tragedy to reality so many times.

In 2005, I began donating to St. Jude. In doing so, I have been touched many times on numerous occasions. In the pictures that I see of these children, I am continually captivated by the sweet smiles on their precious faces and the look of innocence in their beautiful eyes. And it saddens me to think that, in their short time, these innocent children have seen, experienced and felt more pain and suffering than most adults will in their lifetime.

Yet, the spirit of a child cannot be broken- even with cancer, sickness, pain and, sometimes, even death fighting against them. They have an unwillingness to waver or falter in the face of imminent danger and catastrophe.

I asked myself, "If these children can continue to smile as they rise and grow through all of this, then, why can't I?" I wrote this poem in dedication to all of the wonderful children who have been a part of St. Jude...the ones that have fought and the ones that are still fighting to live a full and happy life. May God bless them all...

Through It All
As I journey down the broken path of life
Everyday I face my share of sorrow, pain and strife.
The mountains rise before me, the ground shakes at my feet.
The circumstances of this life try to get the best of me.
At times my friends forsake me, and I feel alone.
I wonder if I will make it, as I try to carry on.
The road ahead is bumpy, filled with many twists and turns.
And I wonder if these struggles are there to help me learn.
Then, I look around me, and I see heartache all around.
I see a family that's lost a loved one; I watch dreams fall to the ground.
With each new day and step I take I think of all the suffering.
Some live their lives and they are full while others can only dream.
I realize then that all my troubles are not as bad as they once seemed.
Through the darkness, though sometimes dim, a light has always gleamed.
I've lived through lonely days, sleepless nights and moments of hopelessness.
Through it all, though, I have learned that I am truly blessed.
I face some storms, I feel the rain, and sometimes I stumble and fall.
But the storms will pass, the rain will cease and the sun will shine bright on us all.
And though my steps have faltered, I have stood the tests of time.
My faith is restored and I gain the strength each time to continue to rise!

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