The Cross

This cake was made for 2 of my most favorite people: my parents. Mom's birthday is in October, and October is Pastor Appreciation Month. We always have a joint party for them at church, and there's always cake.
I decided to make the cake this time. It was an experience! We had to make a trip into town, so we didn't get started until late. We were up all night! I was working on the cake at the bar, then, at one point I decided to move it to the table. It broke in the middle and almost fell off the cake board, but we saved it just in time!

Despite everything, the cake was good, and I got GREAT compliments. That always makes it worthwhile.

Carol was a great help. She stayed up all night helping me. (She's the other half of the "we" I mentioned earlier.) It's great to have such a wonderful sister!

And such wonderful parents...I love my Mom & Dad.
Ian always ends up in the picture.

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