Burning Love

Last week we had church camp. Campmeeting goes from Tuesday night through Friday night (including day services), and it usually takes me that long to recover and get back into my usual schedule. I still have a ton of clothes to put away. I will get to that eventually. In the meantime, I thought I'd show you my room. I call it "The Red Room". If you would've peeked into this room a few minutes before these pictures were taken, you would have seen a wreck. It literally looked like the first hurricane of the season had struck! Of course, I could not show you that mess.

Our campgrounds (where Campmeeting takes place) are about 35 minutes from our house. On the campgrounds you will find hundreds of little cabins, full-size trailers and travel trailers. We used to have a cabin, but a few years ago, Dad decided to sell it. He sold the cabin and bought a house about 3 miles from the campgrounds. So, instead of driving 35 minutes home every night to sleep in my own bed, I slept here every night. I love my room! I've always wanted a red room, so I chose this color which is a pinkish red. It's called Burning Love. All of the furniture in my room is old. The dresser belonged to my Dad's Grandpa.

This chest was given to my parents by a lady from Texas many years ago.

This bed is oh, so comfortable. The bed frame belonged to my Mom's Grandmother. My Grandaddy today lives in a house that sits in the exact spot where his Mother's house used to be.

I found this chair a few years ago at the Old Schoolhouse Antique Mall in Washington, LA, a great place to find wonderful old things.

I guess this could also be called the Audrey room. Mom gave me the large Breakfast at Tiffany's print a few years ago for Christmas. I printed and framed the smaller pictures of Ms. Hepburn. Oh, and ignore, if you can, the throw pillows on the bed that don't match. I don't think I put them there...

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