Lucy Loves Magnolias

A couple weeks ago, a lady in the church approached me about making her Mom a birthday cake. She will celebrate her 70th this week, and they were all getting together on Father's Day to have her a party. The birthday girl, Lucy, loves magnolias, so her daughter requested a cake with a magnolia on it. This was a lot of fun to do. My sister picked a magnolia for me from the tree in our yard. The only one she could find was a little wilted, but it served as a good model. I first made the petals a little too pointed. Everyone was sure to point it out.
I agreed, though; it looked more like a daisy than a magnolia.

So I simply took the scissors and curved the tips.
There! That's more like it.

I didn't try to get the buttercream perfectly smooth.

I think this adds a certain bit of charm that goes perfectly with the flower.

I hope Lucy enjoyed her cake, and I hope she has a wonderful birthday!

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