Rainy Day Randomness

As the rain is pounding down against every outersurface, the wind is howling in the rain and the lightning is lighting up the sky, I thought I'd share a few random things.

These Roasted Potato Wedges are delicious! I think I may have to make some more real soon. Oh, and that's my special fork. I absolutely have to eat every meal with it. It's a rule. And I LOVE black pepper, especially when it's freshly ground.

I saw this on my good friend, Kylie's myspace. She took this in New York. Such a great quote.

Um, yeah. My Dad has 3 goats...that he keeps in a fenced in area at the church. Usually. He won the first one in a raffle, then a church member gave him the other two. They do keep the grass looking good.

Our courthouse has a fallout shelter. I worked almost across the street from this building for about 3 years before I even noticed the sign. I've never seen the fallout shelter, but it's interesting to know it's there.

I love this little girl. She so limber. She can turn cartwheels that would make a cheerleader green with envy.

HOPE. We all need it. We all can have it. My Dad always says, "As long as there's breath, there's hope."

I love this boy, too. He is super talented. He plays the drums and guitar. He's never had a lesson. I wish I had some of that talent.

Shawn went fishing one day and brought this turtle home to me. He didn't like being confined, though, so Shawn put him back in the lake the next day.

My brother-in-law, Simeon, found a turtle just like this in his yard one day, and he brought it to my nephew, Ian. When Ian saw the picture of my turtle and I told him we put hime back in the lake, he couldn't believe it! He said, "Uh! You could've brought him to me, and I would've put him in the bowl with Hotshot." Apparently, Hotshot is his turtle.

I love trees! They can be full and green in the spring and summer, shedding their red and orange leaves in the fall, or completely bare in the winter with nothing but the shell of their limbs. I love them all.

Speaking of love (and saving the best for last), I really love this guy. I've come to the conclusion that I love him because he loves me despite my imperfections. I also love when he's silly and just enjoying life.

Well, here's hoping your day is full of fun & interesting things, sunshine, good things to eat and people you love!

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  1. Thanks for sharing, the cakes are great, the pictures are beautiful, wonderful family..
    Hang on to your dreams, don't ever let go..


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