In Memory: Aunt Jo

Eleven years ago today our family lost a very special woman. My Mom's older sister, my Aunt Jo, was a wonderful woman. She was one of my most favorite people in all the world; she meant the world to me. I remember staying with her in the summertime, making bisquits on Saturday mornings, helping her in the garden and most of all going to church. Aunt Jo was a kind, friendly woman. She never fussed or complained, even when the cancer attacked her body. She kept her faith and held her head high with the quiet dignity and grace that I always knew she possessed. Aunt Jo touched so many through her words and deeds. Our family was blessed because she was a part of our lives. I miss her everyday, but she is always in my memory and in my heart.

Forever and Always

Time flies by, days go on.
Sitting by myself, I feel so alone.
Just thinking of you and the times we spent together.
But life is unpredictable, and nothing lasts forever.
So many times I took for granted those precious moments in life,
And I thought you'd always be here, until the end of time.
I thought you'd never leave me, that you'd always be here.
Now I miss your laughter, your comfort, joys, and cheer.
Even now I can't understand why you had to go,
But God knows what He is doing, and this thing I surely know:
You will never be forgotten, your face, never erased,
You will always be a part of my long and trying race.
For you taught me so many things as a baby and a child,
And you showed me that it's important to go an extra mile.
You showed me what's important, like family and friends,
For they're all that matters when it comes to the very end.
You will never be forgotten, no matter how long it's been.
Though I can't see or feel you, throughout each passing day,
I'll think of you often, and I'll remember you forever and always.

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