Very Short List

Have you heard of Very Short List? If not, allow me tell you about it.

Very Short List, aka VSL, features a little piece of information about a varying subject each day, Monday-Friday. Each feature is something interesting that you may or may not know about. Thier goal is to feature things that are not widely publicized but are well worth mentioning. It may be a movie, cd, TV show, book or website that you may have missed. You can sign-up to receive the daily email. Each day features something new, and you never know what that something might be!

In fact, VSL is how I first heard of a wonderful little blog called Cake Wrecks. Some of you may have heard of it. Cake Wrecks then led me to another delightful blog called Bakerella. I bet you've never heard of that one! After that, I kept finding more and more fantastic & inspiring blogs. So, VSL is, I guess you could say, responsible for my interest in blogging.

Check it out.

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