Father's Day

Father's day was filled with church and family together time. I love that combination. I love how family comes together for special occasions. I love how life seems so much sweeter. Something else that's sweet?

When you can get all of your neices and nephews together to take a special picture for your Dad. (This was actually taken Thursday, but you get the idea.)

I think this really made Dad happy! That man loves his grandchildren more than anything. Can you see his smile around the toothpick?

I put the picture in a wooden frame from Michael's. I had each of the kids sign thier name on the frame, and I wrote thier age on the back.

I also made Dad this cute card. A shirt a tie card seemed so appropriate for him, since he's a preacher, and he's frequently in a suit.

Also, on Mother's Day & Father's Day we always give the mothers and fathers a small gift at church. It's always tough to find something that is nice and inexpensive. One day last week I saw this idea. I've been having addiction lately involving Crush drinks in glass bottles. They seem to taste so much more delicious from a glass bottle. Anyway, this is what I came up with:

I cut (yes, CUT. I really need to invest in a circle punch!) the large cirles from star patterned paper and the smaller circles from light green paper. Then, I stamped the green circles with a stamp that looked like bubbles. I found the "ribbon" here. They are napkin rings, but I cut them off to make them shorter.

I also had to make a cake for a birthday party on Father's Day.
Pictures to come...

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