This is Shawn's sister, Amanda. She celebrated her birthday Saturday. Her husband, Zac, asked me to make a cake with some of her favorite stores, a road and a girl walking a dog while holding shopping bags. I got it all except the dog and shopping bags. Shawn painted the model '57 Chevy car pink to sit on the road.

This was right before they picked the cake up. The party was at the lake, and I did not make it because I had stayed up all night making the cake.

I did have a helper, though- my niece, Madalyn. She was a great help through the night. She would watch a movie for a while, then come help. Shawn's parents were planning on picking the cake up around 8 or 8:30 that morning, and everytime Maddy came back into the kitchen, she would tell me how many hours I had left.

This is her about 7:30 that morning when she finally gave up. I think by this time she was on her third movie (Clueless. One of my favorites!)

Thanks for all your help Maddy!


  1. What a great pic! And cooool cake!

  2. Wow! Awesome cake! You should join the Ace of Cakes team! :0)

    Thanks for stopping by! I found that little mug at a thrift store and my son just loved it and had to get it!


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