Encouraging Words

My sister and I are in the process of creating a new website for our church. It's somewhat of a challenge trying to make sure you have all the basics, not leaving anything out, while wanting to add a little more than just the basics. My brother-in-law suggested featuring a testimony from a different church member each week. I liked the idea, so it was added. Another thing I've been thinking is to add a section with encouragin words. I'm a collector of quotes, and I write down every inspiring thing I come across {I LOVE notebooks and have MANY!} So, I've thought about adding a section with encouraging words. Sometimes when my Dad is facing some difficulty in the church, I'll leave him a little quote. The last one I left him he turned into a message! I think it acheived it's purpose. It's so good to know that just a few simple words put together can encourage and inspire. The quote I left him was this:

God's capability is greater than our circumstances.

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  1. Good luck with this. I love the quote! I am gonna remember that!


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