Lemon Addiction Therapy

I have a slight lemon addiction! I love lemon cake & lemon cookies, & in the last two days I bought 6 bottles of lemon vanilla lotion, 2 tubes of lemon & pomegranate lip gloss & 1 tube of lemon lip gloss from Bath & Body Works!

I also LOVE Shaken Iced Tea Lemonade from Starbuck {thanks to Ashley Ann}! In fact, every {week}day for the last 2 weeks I have gotten this drink. I have decided that this is pretty much due to the fact that I've stopped drinking Cokes, so I need something to compensate. Also, it's summertime, it's hot, I'm stucking sitting in an office at a desk everyday, so I deserve a treat at the end of the day! Nevertheless, I need help!

p.s. The lemon lip gloss will make you crave lemon
cake from Starbucks {another lemony treat I ♥}!!

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