Books...& a Library

This is my bookshelf.
Anyone that knows me knows I love books.
I often find myself just glancing at my bookshelf for no apparent reason.
I guess the only explanation is that books just make me happy.

What would really make me happy would be to have a library like the Beast had in his castle. Beauty and the Beast is my favorite animated movie. And my heart always skips a beat when I watch the library scene! All those books...oh JOY!
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This picture of Belle reminds me of myself.
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Sometimes I am very easily distracted. If I'm doing something, it's not uncommon for me to stop in the midst of what I'm doing and start something else. This is especially true when a good book is involved. I can just sit and read for hours regardless of what's going on around me.

Really, is there any better distraction than a good book?

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