Star Shaped Crayons

What do you get when you take star shaped foil baking cups...

old crayons...

broken into small pieces & put into said baking cups...

and placed into an oven for a few minutes?!?


Well, star shaped crayons, of course!

And, YES! They really color!

Find the complete how-to here!


  1. These are SO SO SO cute! I'll be doing this for sure!

  2. Hi Crystal, thank you for your comment on my Cupcake post. The elephans are easy to make, just get the pink fondant and copy mine, make oval shapes,play with it.You can attach the pieces with water or spaguetti. Too bad the baby shower is too soon, I would have love to send you a couple of toppers. By the way...Did you get the cupcake liners?

  3. We made these before and my son loved it!

    Details here:


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