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There's this wonderful little blog that I visit called Tollipop. Isn't that the most wonderful name?! Kirsten is the writer of Tollipop. She is the type of woman I would love to have a best friend. She writes, she tells lovely stories and she has three beautiful and talented daughters. In 2008, Kirsten started a project called "hundred dresses project". Her goal is to paint one hundred girls and write a story to go with each girl. Charming! She also has an Etsy shop where she sells prints of her paintings.

I had my eye on the above print for the longest. So, when it came time to make a wish list for Christmas, this was put at the very top! Shawn wanted to buy an original, but I told him that would probably be impossible since he waited until just a few weeks before Christmas to start his shopping. Of course, I was right. I was satisfied, though, with the print. I love it! There are two others that are still on my wish list, one of which is no longer listed.

Shawn told me when I opened this particular package {and yes, I did squeal when I saw what it was!} that he emailed Kirsten several times before he placed his order. He said she was very sweet and very helpful. He asked if she could write a little note to me....

and she did! Let me just say right now that I cherish this note just as much as I cherish my Tollipop print! She also wrote a little note on the back of the print, which, by the way, is titled "What page are you on?". My plan is to hang it over my bookshelf. Next step: find the perfect frame!

Visit Tollipop:
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  1. Hello ;)
    I recently ordered that print, too. Isn´t it so cute?! And with the title (on which page are you on?) - it´s so funny. I bought it for my little daughter with two other prints. Happy weekend to you


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