The Letter "L"

I was randomly assigned the letter "L" by Jackie of Smooth Pebble. I'm supposed to make a list of 10 things I love that start with the letter "L". Here it is:

10 Things I Love That Start with "L"
  1. Laughter: I think it's true that laughter is the best medicine. Nothing makes you feel as good as a good laugh and plenty of humor.
  2. Letters: Whether it be the letters of the alphabet or a handwritten letter, I love them both! I think it's amazing that you can take a few letters (from the alphabet) and make so many wonderful words, thus creating a wonderful handwritten letter.
  3. Lyrics: This almost goes in the same category as letters. When you think about it, lyrics to a song is just like a handwritten letter. The only difference is the music that goes with the lyrics.
  4. Lists: I'm making a list of my favorite things that begin with the letter "L" so I just had to add lists. I love lists; I love making lists. I make a list everyday, sometimes more than one a day. Lists keep me organized. I guess that's why I love them!
  5. Lazy days: Spring is here! YAY! This is my favorite time of the year (Fall is my second). Lazy days come with the spring. Must be the weather. It's perfect for just relaxing and enjoying...
  6. Life: I know this one is predictable, but I really do love life!
  7. Love: This one is predictable, too, but there is no greater feeling in the world than to love and know you are loved in return!
  8. Lisa Lutz's books about the Spellman Family: There are three: The Spellman Files, Curse of the Spellmans and Revenge of the Spellmans. I haven't read the 3rd yet, but the 1st two were excellent! I enjoyed them so much it was impossible to put them down.
  9. Lakes: Nothing is more relaxing than spending a day on the lake. Unless of course you are on the lake on a lazy day with the one you love, enjoying life and lots of laughter (and a Lisa Lutz book!).
  10. Little Luxuries: Does that count as two words? I think it's the small things in life that bring the most joy: a new book, a nice meal, a new fishing pole, a mocha frappucino....I love any little thing that makes me happy that I'm able to get on a whim.

So, that's my list. If you want to make a list of your own, comment on this post and I will randomly assign you a letter.

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  1. What a great list!! I especially enjoyed your aliteration (not sure I spelled that right) in your lake bit. LOL
    So much to agree with you on - laughter, love, letters, list, little luxuries. I'm not familiar with Lisa Lutz, but I'm at the library right now and I think I'll look into it!


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